Jerusalem artichoke celery tuna salad


Thank you for coming today! This is the English recipe


This time, I will introduce a recipe for eating Jerusalem artichoke raw.

It’s a tuna salad with Jerusalem artichoke and celery.

The texture of the crooky Jerusalem artichoke is delicious.


Ingredients (Serve 2 )

200g Jerusalem artichoke
130g Celery
1.25ml Salt (for celery)
140g Tuna (non-oil)
60ml Mayonnaise

Nutrients for one person

☑︎Calories 309.84kcal
☑︎Total fat 21.87g
☑︎Carb 17.35g
☑︎Dietary Fiber 2.87g
☑︎Protein 14.06g

Material arrangement

  • It’s delicious even if you add cucumber instead of celery.

How to make

1. Cut the vegetables

Let’s cut Jerusalem artichoke and celery.

Slice the Jerusalem artichoke thinly.
Soak in water for about 10 minutes.

The colander and bowl used are a stainless steel bowl set of the KAI Select 100 series.

Cut the stems diagonally for celery and cut the leaves into thin slices.
Transfer it to a bowl, shake the salt and rub it lightly.
Leave it for about 3 minutes and squeeze the moisture with thick kitchen paper.

2. Make tuna mayonnaise

Cut the juice of the canned tuna and squeeze it lightly.
Add salt and mayonnaise and mix.

3. Mix

Jerusalem artichoke and celery are seasoned with tuna mayonnaise.

Add the drained Jerusalem artichoke and celery.
Mix roughly, it’s ready.

If the taste is not enough, add salt and mayonnaise.

4. Serve in a bowl

The texture of the crispy chrysanthemum potato goes well with the refreshing celery flavor.

About the vessel

I’m using Iittala Teema 14cm bowl (white)


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